• price

    Priced for non-profits

    You only pay for what you send. Each newsletter costs $10.00, + 3 cents per recipient or pay monthly. No setup costs. Email testing is free. Spam testing is $10.00.

  • view of simple editor

    Simple editor

    Add your own text, images and links to create your newsletter with ease. View your changes live within the newsletter template. Drag n’ drop to change story order.

  • view of reports

    Powerful reports

    Track who opens your newsletter, what links they clicked on, and who no longer wishes to receive it. Even see what emails bounced and why.

  • view of direct email

    Direct from you

    Each newsletter appears as if it came direct from the email address you choose. Specify the from name, subject, and what address to reply to.

  • view of personalization


    Make each newsletter feel personal by automatically inserting your partners’ names or details about them just like mail merge. Control who sees what content.

  • view of delivery status

    Top notch delivery

    Templates are tested in over 20 different email clients and spam filters. Authentication, relationships with ISP’s and more ensure your emails are delivered direct to inboxes.

  • Export any list to Excel to keep up your records
  • Get a custom template designed just for you
  • Store contact info that your partners update
  • Easily import multiple lists with a single click
  • Several free templates ready to use
  • Schedule your email in any time zone
  • Place a subscribe form on your own blog/site
  • See who forwarded your newsletter to a friend
  • Send both an HTML & plain text newsletter



FireMail seeks to help people better communicate the amazing things that they are a part of through great design and function.

Allegro Organizational Solutions is now joyfully serving FireMail clients! Allegro is an organization built on the philosophy of giving life to your vision through a variety of services. We work to identify the best tools necessary to promote growth; enabling a vision to manifest and serve many. Firemail is the most recent addition to our services that will aid in accomplishing that goal.


  • Custom Email Design & Coding
  • Newsletter Content Consultation
  • Design & Spam Testing
  • Paper Newsletter Package Design

Ask about any of these services



Allegro Organizational Solutions
5535 Memorial Drive Ste F-811
Houston, Tx 77007




+001 713 874 1519


Who is Fire Mail for?
Fire Mail is tailored for people within non-profit organizations who raise awareness and/or financial support.
Is there any software to download?
No. Fire Mail is all online, accessible through a username and password from any computer with an internet connection.
Can you further explain the pricing?
Yes. If you have, say, 400 partners on a list, you will not pay anything until you click the final ‘Send” button. At that point, you will be charged $22. ($10 for the newsletter, and 3 cents x 400 recipients is $12).
How can I pay for Fire Mail?
You will be asked for your credit card information just before Fire Mail sends your newsletter. Ask to see if the non-profit you work for is one whose personal accounts can be directly invoiced making your payments to Fire Mail tax-deductible.
Does it matter that I have a generic email address?
No. Newsletters sent through Fire Mail will appear to have come from whatever email address you choose, including, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.
How secure is Fire Mail?
Because there are many sides of email security and accessibility. Click here for a more thorough response.